Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Month ~ New Start

    Spring and sunnier weather has been taking a longer time than usual to settle-in in these parts which has had me a bit down which in turn has lead to letting several 'take care of me' projects to slide to the side ~ and that is good for nobody.

    So I'm making use of the new month and as I turn the calendar page turning the metaphoric page as well and recommitting to:

  • wash my face everyday
  • take time to pray everyday (morning offering, 3 minute retreats, & examen being the current game plan)
  • daily moisturizer with SPF
In addition to these daily goals I also will try and read at least three books, introduce the Rosary to Elisabeth and put together our game plan for packing.

May is my birthday month; here's to starting my personal new year off right.

Want to cheer me on?


  1. Great way to start off the month, especially since it's your birthday month! Way to go!

  2. Great idea to recommit to goals at the start of a new month, Joy. And you're motivating me with your goal of 3 books- I've been allotting less and less time for reading the past several months and that's something that needs to change!