Friday, May 16, 2014

Quick Takes #155

  1. Once again a week has gone by since my last post; sorry readers.  The funk is actually starting to lift but I think having gotten out of the habit of posting regularly those muscles are stiff and feel awkward not to mention the mind-games of self doubt and worrying about having anything worth reading to say. Anyhoo ~ if still here and reading; thank you! I hope to be back in the swing of things very soon.
  2. Part of what I love about this weird wonderful blogosphere world is the great likelihood of finding a post that says exactly what you are feeling and trying to put into words yourself.  Rachel of Testosterhome's excellent post earlier this week says it all.
  3. Mother's Day was lovely with a good balance of time to rest and recharge and time with my favorite littles. Added bonus we were able to go out for a birthday dinner for a good friend who also happens to be Caitlin's Godmother.
  4. Speaking of birthdays; A very happy birthday shout-out to my guy, Dr Daddy ~ who as far as I know doesn't read here but whatever.  
  5. Caitlin still isn't walking independently but is standing all the time. It always amazes me how much older babies/toddlers seem once they want to be upright all the time.  Another sign of her quickly joining in with the Bailey Kid Culture; her vocabulary includes 'Bots' and 'Heat' for Heatwave one of the Rescue Bots ~ her brothers FAVORITE show.
  6. Said big brother finished up his nursery school year this week; overall is was a great year with him really enjoying his time with his classmates and teachers.  I have seen really growth in his problem solving and number knowledge; he however did not at all bend to peer pressure regarding potty training.  That and letter recognition is on my agenda for the summer with him.
  7. Have a wonderful weekend; mine is hopefully including time with friends visiting from out of town, yard work and getting older :).
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  1. I can't tell you how many times I've read a post that said exactly what I was feeling. :) Definitely one of the great things about the blogosphere. And we're working on potty training here, too. I'd love to hear any tips you have!

  2. You both have birthdays in the same week? Nice! Hope they were great and that you've had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love this and totally relate!! Trying to get back into the blogosphere again myself.