Monday, July 7, 2014

A Quick Look Back with Thanks

  In the weeks ahead I have several posts planned about the new place, in particular how we transformed and decorated the kids rooms, but first a quick look back at where I'm leaving.

  Making sure to take a moment and give thanks to the little Cape that welcomed us at the beginning of our marriage and over a decade offered shelter and support as we learned what it was to be homeowners and love and grow a marriage.  The site of countless get-togethers from simple pizza dinners to SuperBowl parties, Summer Barbecues and Easter Dinners.  Many a wonderful conversation by its firelight. Countless comings and goings thru the day and night as life and the beeper dictated.

It bore witness to major life events of the past decade; it was the place where we mourned and made peace with the loss of our dads.  It offered welcome as we brought each of our babies home, watched as bookshelves were converted to hold toys, and was the site of each of their first steps.  The yard where I planted tulips, crocuses, and hydrangea ~ and each spring enjoyed the hyacinth planted by a previous owner.  The backyard once filled with evergreens, where cardinals would come on late winter mornings, that one by one were felled by high winds and hurricanes became filled with water tables and kicking balls.

Simply put to quote Gilbert, husband of Anne; "This house has been what no other ever can be"


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  1. Sweet. I have fond memories of our first a flat in the downtown area, and the second the home where we welcomed four of our children. The older I get the more I realize a home is so much more about the people in it and the experiences. I find that my "dream home" is more about how I feel and that has more to do with what I rememer about it all.