Friday, July 18, 2014

Quick Takes #158

  1. State of the house is actually ok; there are still many boxes to open and not enough pictures on the wall but overall we are settling in well and making it our own.
  2. Caitlin is currently a bit miserable getting four teeth at once but also marking the milestone of 18 months with a language explosion, starting to go down slides by herself and insisting on feeding herself ~ which while cute is also turning almost every night into a bath night.
  3. Had fun 'interviewing' the kids for this post.  May attempt to make this a yearly thing.
  4. My sister release her latest book this week; with the moving craziness starting to calm down I'm looking forward to reading it soonest.
  5. Yay for summer produce; while the mess of fruit salad and smoothie prep is a bit annoying I'm so happy to see my kids happily eating so much good stuff.
  6. Weekend plans include anchoring some bookshelves, emptying boxes and if the kids have anything to say lots of sprinkler time.
  7. Some latest pictures:

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