Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Interview with the Big Kids

Inspired by Grace of Camp Patton's post I too decided to inquire what my kids thought about 
Life, the Universe and Dinner.

What's your name?
Elisabeth: Elisabeth Anne-Marie
Liam: Liam Charles Bailey

How old are you?
Elisabeth: six
Liam: three

What's your favorite thing to do?
Elisabeth: sing songs
Liam: play Rescue Bots

What is your favorite book?
Elisabeth: Olivia Cooks up a Surprise, Goodnight Moon, & I love you, Good Night
Liam: Truck & Dinosaurs (not remembering a book with that title I think this means any book containing either)

What is your favorite show?
Elisabeth: Hello Kitty & Wild Kratts
Liam: Transformer Rescue Bots

What is your favorite song?
Elisabeth: I love to Pray (Brother Francis)
Liam: Twinkle, twinkle little star

What does daddy do at work?
Elisabeth: he is a doctor
Liam: on computers

What do you want for your birthday?
Elisabeth: Hello Kitty everything, oh and maybe to go to Build a Bear for a Kitty Cat
Liam: go Chuckie Cheese and a Transformer cake

What's your favorite color? 
Elisabeth: Pink
Liam: Green

Where is your favorite place to go?
Elisabeth: the beach at Grandma's
Liam: yes

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Elisabeth:Pottery teacher and veterinarian 
Liam: Fire Fighter

Who is your favorite person? 
Elisabeth: Caitlin cause she is soo cute
Liam: Daddy

What is your favorite toy? 
Elisabeth: my Dora or Cinderella microphones
Liam: flipping Heatwave or fireboat Heatwave

What makes you happy?
Elisabeth: my family and dancing
Liam: yeah

What scares you? 
Elisabeth: thunder 
Liam: monsters

The respondents are currently 6 years and 3 3/4 years old.

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  1. I love that E's favorite person is Caitlin; "aww" moment right there!