Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Five Faves: October 22nd

Linking up with Jenna of Call Her Happy the new hostess for Five Faves!!

  1. Liam (the little guy pictured above): loving being four, consistently and completely using the toilet since early this summer, fully energy, very affectionate though saves most of it for his two favorite people Daddy and Caitlin.  Such a fun age! Such the cool dude!
  2. Stella and Sam:A Canadian series that we can find on Sprout about a big sister and her little brother and their many adventures. Beautifully illustrated stories of make-believe adventures and sibling comradery that strike the perfect balance for me as my kids sit quietly to watch and then often with their imagination inspired go off and have similar adventures.
  3. Pumpkin Chai Mix from Trader Joe's (which I did blog about before): a wonderful balance of sweet and tart and just pumpkin-y enough to meet the season.
  4. My current TV obsession is Fixer Upper a HGTV show featuring a married couple from Waco, TX who together as Designer/General Contractor helps families get into sort-for neighborhoods by buying 'the fixer-upper'. Their love for restoring homes, helping families all while raising their own four kids makes this such a fun watch. Happily anticipating Season 2 this January and catching re-runs whenever I can.
  5. October: Amazing Feast Days (St Therese du Liseaux, Our Lady of the Rosary, St John XXIII, and today Saint John-Paul), the leaves turning colors but still largely still on the trees, Pumpkin Scones & Muffins.


  1. I just saw fixer upper this week- great show!

  2. Happy birthday to Liam! What a cutie :)

  3. I've watched a few episode of Fixer Upper and love it as well! And gosh, I wish I lived near a TJ's...pumpkin spice chai sounds divine!