Friday, December 5, 2014

Quick Takes #165: End of an Era, Advent, House Stuff

  1. End of an era: Jen of Conversion Diary announced today that she will no longer be hosted the 7 Quick Takes link-up and is passing the baton to Kelly of This Ain't the Lyceum. Am feeling a bit thrown by this announcement but already knowing and loving Kelly and her writing I am now channelling Olaf and thinking "All good things!, All good things!!"
  2. Checking back into my archives I find that my first Quick Takes post was January of 2009 and 160some post later it has been such a touchpoint and means to find my way in writing this blog that I suppose the feels of being off balance are to be expected.
  3. Blessed Advent! Ours is going well ~ so far we've (I've) remembered to have us light a candle and say a prayer every evening.  Lisbeth has even mostly dropped the topic of when do we light the pink candle.
  4. Getting calendars proved a bit trickier but Wednesday we had succeeded and while Caitlin clearly doesn't understand what is going on, she also definitely doesn't mind being handed a piece of chocolate. We will hopefully be setting out our shoes tonight. Since I have my explanation all ready for why Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus comes twice ~ no one will ask.
  5. House stuff continues and seems to be going well though prayers welcomed that this continues through closing; it just this time of year is crazy enough without adding inspections, assessments and clearing the final random remnants.
  6. This weekend we are hosting a Christmas party for our local Church family which means today will a wild ride of excitement and anxiety of getting everything ready made all the more fun as Caitlin has learned from her big siblings the fun of trashing a room while Mommy is off cleaning another.
  7. Congratulations Kelly!! Jen ~ Thank you more than I can ever say!!


  1. Wow, Joy, that's awesome that you were posting QT from the beginning! I was thinking the same thing about St. Nick coming twice- not sure what I'm going to say, though, if Evie asks. :) Prayers for a smooth closing!

  2. Wait, I really would love to hear what your answer was going to be for why they come twice...