Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday Weekend Recap

Last weekend we had the great fun of celebrating both of our birthdays.  Charlie and my birthdays are a day apart and so we are use to celebrating birthdays together, which of course is more fun when they land on a weekend ~ adding to the festivities this year was the fact that his was a birthday ending in a zero and both our moms came to help us party.

Friday after school we head down to Longwood because my mom had never been and my mother-in-love enjoys going whenever we have the time during her visits.

Saturday we let Dr Daddy sleep in and I took the older two for some last minute party shopping ~ they agreed on a  dinosaur theme because everyone loves dinosaur!!

 We made it back in time for a wonderful pancake breakfast and later headed out for a lovely lunch with many of friends from church; some in town for the weekend and some soon moving on to new adventures.

Errands filled much of the afternoon including Lisbeth's end-of-year gymnastics celebration.

 We picked the party up later that evening with Cake & Presents!!

Sunday brought my chance to sleep in before church and coming home to an amazing brunch!  That evening we went out for a wonderful dinner with our moms and friends from the music group Charlie sings with.  All in all a truly wonderful birthday weekend!!

In addition to the cake we got Charlie's music group surprised him with a cake too!!

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