Friday, May 29, 2015

Quick Takes #182 ~ of the quick variety

  1. Last Weekend Summary; lots of fun for the kids in the slip&slide and paddling pool. The grown-ups took down the dead since we moved in tree and found Dr Daddy a bike!!
  2. Great post by Michele of My Domestic Monastery on raising daughters.
  3. Gymnastics Expo this weekend; Dr Daddy is on-call so I will be kid-wrangling but am hopeful  I will be able to watch Lisbeth show off her amazing progress this year. Mostly I'm glad she is having fun and making friends.
  4. Speaking of being the mom of daughters was so excited to see this announcement from Meg of a Princess Saint book she is working on!
  5. Thoughts and prayers to all those who lost love ones and effected by the storms in Houston.  We were living there at the time of Hurricane Allison and recent pictures look very similar.
  6. So excited for the Outlander finale tomorrow; have overall been impressed with how faithful to the book they have been and where they have deviated.
  7. Happy Weekend All!!
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  1. Check out that back bend! Looks like Lisbeth's doing great - hope the expo went well!

  2. So excited for the princess saint book too!