Friday, May 15, 2015

Quick Takes #181

  1. Elisabeth 'bridged-up' this week to Brownies or as Dr Daddy said "you went from being a flower to being a baked good"
  2. Caitlin is afraid of our Jack-in-the-box; refuses to play with it and if 'Jack' is visible insist that someone tucks him back into his box
  3. Social Security Admin. released the most popular names of 2014; I find it interesting that Liam is top of the list and Elisabeth & Caitlin are fading as they all seem to me to be subtle twists on classic names.
  4. My heart and prayers go out to all those injured or who lost loved ones by the Amtrak derailment earlier this week. Hits close to home as this is a train Dr Daddy often takes when working in Washington.
  5. Earlier this week was Katharine Hepburn's birthday and I mentioned my favorite movie of her's is Philadelphia Story, but her version of Little Women and The Lion in Winter are also great favorites. 
  6. Busy weekend what friends and family coming into town and a couple of birthdays to celebrate. Going to try hard to step away from the stress to enjoy the festivities and maybe even be in some of the pictures.
  7. Happy Weekend!
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  1. I have yet to see Katherine Hepburn's Little Women but would love to, as I really like watching the different versions. And the popular names list always intrigues me- I'm surprised Elisabeth isn't moving up! Have a great weekend, Joy!