Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Five faves of Clark Gable

Today I'm linking up with Jenna and sharing my five favorite Clark Gable movies. 

During this month of old movies I of course wanted to feature Gone with the Wind but also wonder if that is all people my age and younger know him for and that would be a pity.
  1. It happened One Night (1934) in which our hero helps a runaway heiress in the hopes of getting a good story for his paper ~ and ends up with a whole lot more.
  2. Wife vs the Secretary(1936) in which Myrna Loy allows jealousy to get the best of her and nearly does in her marriage. Jean Harlow plays the secretary and Jimmy Stewart in one of his first films her beau.
  3. Gone with the Wind (1939) Love this movie or hate it please acknowledge that Clark Gable's Rhett Butler alternates between irreverent and tender masterfully!
  4. Test Pilot (1938)  Gable and Spencer Tracy are pilots in those early days when records were broken and limits were tested regularly. He and Myrna Loy try and find out if that kind of life and marriage mixes.
  5. The Tall Men (1955) One from later in his career where he is driving cattle and romancing Jane Russell.

Any favorites of yours that I missed?


  1. Thanks for this! Love Clark Gable! And my husband used to be a Naval Aviator, and was going to try to become a test pilot; but after our fourth son was born, he instead decided to get out of the active duty military. I'm sure we would both love "Test Pilot"! (I can't believe we've never seen it!)

  2. Gone With the Wind seems to be a movie people either really love or really hate, doesn't it? I loooove it but I know others who definitely don't. Clark Gable is swoon-worthy in it though no matter your opinion!

  3. I love It Happened One Night! And Clark Gable movies. :)

  4. Oh I adore Gone With the Wind :)