Friday, October 9, 2015

Quick Takes #193 ~ Link-oberfest Fun!

  1. Celebrating along with Kelli and Jen the anniversary of Quick Takes. I started posting Quick Takes January of 2009. Almost 200 posts later I continue to be so grateful for the format and community.
  2. The week has been a treat with Dr Daddy gone for much of it and the kids schedule filling with dentist appointments, book fairs, and school carnivals. "Sufficient onto the day'' was my largely successful mantra.
  3. Went apple picking last weekend with friends and it was wonderful. A bit chilly but the kids all had fun picking, Charlie found this favorite kind of apple for pie and we all got together for dinner Sunday and had a dessert buffet featuring apple raisin cookies, apple cake, a tart and a pie. Delish!! 
  4. If you would like to follow along I'm posting some of my favorite old movies all month this month.
  5. Prayers for the victims of the shootings and the flooding!
  6. Charlie and I are presenting at Pre-Cana this weekend. Would appreciate prayers that we are articulate and that the couples are interested and receptive. Thanks!!
  7. And answering the Link-toberfest question of the week; this is my 193 Quick Take post!
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  1. I've been enjoying your movie posts! And those height signs are so fun to document each year. :)