Friday, June 3, 2016

Quick Takes #209: Getting ready for finals and other stuff

  1. Happy June!! While fun in it's own way May was also quite tough especially towards the end and so I am happy to turn the page both literally and metaphorically.
  2. School days are wrapping up here. Next week is Liam's last week and having watched him last weekend spontaneously write the whole alphabet on the sidewalk in front of our house I'm thrilled with the progress he made this year.  Caitlin will also finish up next week; and also had a good year learning about shapes, animals and some of her letters.
  3. On the agenda for the weekend is helping Elisabeth review for her final exams next week. Having looked at the review packet she brought home it is largely a broad overview of information covered this year and so I'm guessing the language is to prepare them for later years when 'finals' will be a bigger deal.
  4. The question of 10 favorite books flows around Facebook every so often and I loved Haley's answer and even better she wrote a whole post on it!!
  5. Am about halfway through the 21 day challenge I've joined and overall it is going well. I've been to the gym for the first time in several months and I'm getting into (I hope) good habits for upping my water consumption.  Diet choices have not been the best but that gives me something to work on next week.
  6. Potty training is off to a good start; if she is not wearing any bottoms no accidents ~ if she is wearing ANYTHING be it pull-up or underwear almost no successes.  Suggestions welcome as at some point I would like her to both wear underwear and use the toilet.
  7. Have a good weekend and if you are in the areas flooding ~ be safe!!
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