Friday, June 24, 2016

Quick Takes #210 Summer Start

  1. Summer is off to a decent start; weather is hot but with a breeze.  We've managed playground time most days and camp started this week too.
  2. Swimming lessons are off to a good start too; Caitie was a bit nervous to not have me in the water with her but is now doing great. Elisabeth still needs convincing to get her face consistently in the water but I'm hopeful this summer she will to develop a stoke and Liam become a stronger swimmer without any floatation aids.
  3. Finally managed a family bike ride; which got off to a rough start (one of Liam's training wheels kept moving out of alignment and he would tip-over going around corners) but ultimately went better than I had hoped and am hopefully for many more.
  4. AND while I acknowledge and am very grateful for all of the above: OMG ~ the fighting!! What with Caitie in full force toddlerhood and giving up her nap and the other two relearning how to be around each other all day I'm losing my mind a bit over here. Here's hoping camp every morning helps a bit!
  5. Congrats to Ana, Sheena, and Lisa!! Welcome to all the babies!!
  6.  Fans of Harry Potter and the Communion of Saints head here and enjoy!!
  7. Weekend plans include a bit of weeding, hopefully some biking and happily sharing the sibling negotiation duties someone else!
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  1. Sounds like a nice start to summer!
    And yes, I remember that transition to no naps...
    Have a lovely weekend with your people. : )

  2. Ahhh- yes, the fighting and nap transitions are no fun! Evie is going to VBS this week, so I'm glad for the change in our routine, and that she'll have something to look forward to.
    And thanks for the shout-out! :)