Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Halfway Point Challenge Check-in

Having enjoyed the Reading Challenge sponsored by Modern Mrs Darcy last year I decided to join again this year and a little more than halfway through the year this is where things stand.

Of the twelve categories I've fulfilled 6 having read

Brideshead Revisited for the 'a book I've been meaning to read' category

These Old Shades for the 'a book published before you were born' category

The Screwtape Letters for the 'a book that intimidates you' category

Why Now? for the 'a book published this year' category

O'Pioneers for the 'a book you should have read in school' category

And as far as the 'a book I've read before' category ~ at least three that I can recall so I'm considering that category done!

I'm currently reading You Learn by Living by Eleanor Roosevelt which was recommended by Anne the Modern Mrs Darcy herself and while she is not a bookseller; she is my favorite resource for book tips so once I finish the book I'm considering that category done.

I know I have a couple tough categories still to go but am feeling good about my progress and having some fun picking books.

Anyone else doing the challenge?
How is your year going?

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