Friday, July 15, 2016

Quick Takes #212

    1. Does it ever feel like life knows when you have plans and throws a curve ball. This week the kids had gymnastics camp and we had a playdate scheduled and of course a virus hit. Luckily everyone seems fine now but hoping for smoother days ahead.
    2. Given the above I was so grateful that Haley reposted this wonderful checklist!
    3. We are enjoying the first of this summer's harvest! Basil and mint from our garden and lettuce and cucumbers from the school's for which it was our week to tend.
    4. Elisabeth has been resisting making the jump to chapter books but early this summer she rediscovered the Magic Treehouse books and is loving them!! As a big reader myself it means so much to me to watch her fall in love with books and reading.
    5. One more week of camp and overall I think they have enjoyed it. Swimming lessons have also gone really well and I'm hoping will pay dividends on our trips coming up.
    6. Prayers for the people of Nice!
    7. As of last night we are hunting Pokemon! Updates as warranted #what I do for my kids!

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1 comment:

  1. Glad you are all on the mend!
    We have a few Pokemon players here too!
    Luckily my oldest can drive. : )
    Have a cozy weekend.