Friday, July 1, 2016

Quick Takes #211

    1. Camp life is going well for everyone. The keyword in that last sentence is EVERYONE. Meaning after dragging her proverbial feet all of May and baffling me why she wasn't connecting the last dots Caitlin with a week to spare before camp started began consistently and with solid success wearing underwear. (Insert happy dance!)
    2. It happened so fast after no progress for awhile that I found myself taken aback and not quite trusting ~ but then deciding to go for it and registered her along with the other two. So far so good!
    3. Another milestone this week, Liam lost his first tooth. It had been wiggling more and more over the past couple of weeks and proved not up to the challenge of eating an apple earlier this week.
    4. Strawberries were largely a bust for us as I think we harvested 3 that the rabbits didn't get first. Tomatoes are looking good, along with basil and of course MINT.
    5. Earlier this week I had been looking for kid song videos for Caitie on YouTube and what should pop-up but episodes of My Three Sons. Later that evening once I had the kids tucked and Charlie on a work trip I put in a couple happy hours rewatching a half dozen episodes. Is there such a thing as comfort tv?
    6. I got nothin :)
    7. Happy July! Happy 4th of July Weekend!!

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  1. Love My Three Sons!!!!
    And yes.
    Comfort tv is most definitely a thing. : )
    Have a nice holiday weekend!

  2. Hooray for milestones! And I agree that comfort tv is a thing. :)

  3. There is most definitely a such thing as comfort tv. And congrats on camp going well for everyone :)