Saturday, October 15, 2016

October '16 ~ Daybook

Linking up with Bobbi of Revolution of Love for Weekly Writing this October

Thinking about:
    Upcoming family visits and Halloween, making sure we have everything we need for costumes, trick-or-treating and trying to not let the stress of it all overwhelm me.

Excited For:
   Parades which the kids love and the ongoing changing of the leaves which I do. And while definitely not rushing things; Thanksgiving which is one of my most favorite holidays.

   Mostly jeans and clogs or wedges; I know for most fall means breaking out the boots (and I have a pair that gets some wear) but for me fall means my favorite wedges and wearing clogs again.

   Chrysanthemum and asters; and weeding the mint bed gone wild.   
My View: 

Reading:  Why Lie? my sister's newest release, and The Life You Save by Paul Elie.  I've read it before but did not finished. I'm enjoying the reread but finding it hard to keep everyone's story straight when I'm only reading a page or two at a time. 

Watching: This is Us which I really like, Timeless which I'm getting into, Blindspot which may be winning me back, and Designated Survivor which I'm about to give up on.  After falling into a habit of watching HGTV and the Food Channel all the time. We made an effort of trying to watch some of the new shows and I'm glad though my DVR is bit overwhelmed.  

Cooking: Pot Roast and Chili; and looking forward to Charlie's annual Stuffed Squash. 

The Kids:

Elisabeth is meeting the challenges of the increase workload 3rd grade brings with her usual intensity but actually is doing really well and improving by leaps and bounds at her gymnastics class (pun not intended).  She continues to have an amazing imagination and a real knack at making things come to life through clay or legos.  Reading for fun will likely find her in the Magic Treehouse with Jack and Annie.

Liam after a few minor bumps has settled well into the Kindergarten routine and is doing well with his sight words and starting to get the hang of sounding words out.  He is also in the same gymnastics class but mostly loves running.  Pokemon and all things ninja are still tops in his world

Caitlin is loving preschool and delights in making up games for us to play while the bigs are at school. Playing family is her favorite!  She has already informed me that she wants a Shimmer and Shine party for her birthday in January!

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  1. I kinda want to check out This is Us. I keep hearing positive things about it. :)

  2. I am also enjoying This Is Us. I was going to watch Timeless but my DVR is already overloaded and now that my boys like to watch football with their dad, they are recording (and keeping) their favorite games. LOL. I'm glad you linked up this week! :-)