Friday, October 7, 2016

Quick Takes # 216: Life these days

  1. Pardon a snapshot post of life these days. Amidst all the craziness there are a few things I want to remember and Mommy fatigue means I don't remember much I don't write down.
  2. Currently Liam's breakfasts consist of frozen Uncrustables -still frozen.  I'm honestly very curious and a little afraid of what he will be eating as a teenager.
  3. Caitie loves playing house; she is the parent and you are the 'dear'.  Beyond this it varies greatly; sometimes we are going somewhere, sometimes she is preparing food for us to eat at a picnic but I find the consistency of the title charming.
  4. Liam received roller skates for his birthday and so last weekend when we finally got a break in the rain all of the kids got out tried out their skates. Unfortunately at some point while waiting to fit Caitlin the skates which were originally Elisabeth lost an important strap but she was still quite the trooper and gave them a go.
  5. Had a little fun earlier this week and while all the kids were at school I headed into the city and was able to go the one of the coffee shops transformed into Luke's Diner of Gilmore Girl fame for the day.  The to-do list is constant and I'm coming to understand that you need to seize these opportunities to recharge and be a bit silly when they come up.  The wait was doable, the atmosphere fun, the mocha delicious and by a crazy accident the parking free!!  Next step figuring out how to see the new episodes since we don't have Netflix.
  6. After a week of rain this week's weather has been amazing; cool enough for jeans and clogs but warm enough to read or play outside.  Leaves starting to change color but not enough have fallen that I feel like I should be raking. 
  7. Prayers for all those in the Path of Hurricane Matthew!!
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  1. Sam also prefers Uncrustables frozen. I have no idea why. I just wanted you to know you aren't alone. :-)