Friday, October 28, 2016

Quick Takes #217: Favorite Links of late

  1. Life at the end of October here has finally decided to be fall-like temperature wise. After a very strange week a couple weeks back when we were considering turning the a/c back on at the beginning of the week and the heat by the end.  Raking has seriously begun and likely mowing is done.
  2. I've never felt artistic enough for bullet journaling but keeping a book journal is an idea I like and really enjoy Bobbi's take on how to adapt this journal from MMD.
  3. No politics except to say I'm considering giving up TV till after the election to avoid the ads which are everywhere all the time!!
  4. With All Saints Day coming up and kids who are definitely into the Disney Princesses I loved this post from Meg ~ and for once do enjoy the comments!
  5. Halloween parades later today; this year the costume choses are is all them but thank you Zulily for helping me make it happen.
  6. 900th blog post: surreal but nice! Name the movie!
  7. Happy Weekend!!
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  1. Hmm, Notting Hill? And I thought that princess post was great, too!