Friday, February 10, 2017

Quick Takes #224: Crazy weather and growing kids

  1. Life is good but the weather is crazy; we began the week with days in the 50-60's and are ending with a snowstorm.  Crazy Weather!!
  2. I don't necessarily hate February but I do at times struggle with winter blues; and so am so curious about the concept of Hygge and really appreciated this post on Blessed Is She on how to embrace it this month.
  3. We had people over to watch the Super Bowl who provided great distraction and support during the entire first half while the Patriots were remembering how to play primetime football ~ and celebrated with me when in the second half they remembered in a big way!! Not sure how many records were broken but that was one amazing game.
  4. Take 4 goes to my newly minted 4 year old who has started asking me how to spell words and write letters.  The very definition of bittersweet is how  both excited and sad I am to watch her grow by leaps and bounds.
  5. It is now less than a month till Lisbeth's 9th birthday and so plans are coming together including the fact that she would like me to make her a Pikachu cake.  I'm not sure which is the crazier concept: that she is about to start her LAST single digit year or that she still thinks I can bake!!
  6. And in a 'watch this space' moment after months of discussion between Lisbeth and Dr Daddy I believe that the loft bed they decided to build might actually happen; with plans drawn up and perhaps materials being purchased this weekend?!?!
  7. Have a good one!!

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  1. It's no secret I'm not a fan of the Patriots - but it was a great game and an amazing comeback.

    4...and big, so fast! Can't wait to see the loft bed when it's finished :)

  2. Hope the loft bed is going well! What is it as kids that we like to sleep up high?