Friday, February 24, 2017

Quick Takes #225:Tales of sanding and fruit loop necklaces

  1. Crazy spring like weather this week which was in one sense so wonderful as it felt amazing to be able to go on bike rides and walks; and get some yard work done. I am however nervous for when winter comes rushing back and what that will mean for the plants starting to bud.
  2. The great weather has made it easier to get a bunch of sanding done on all the wood for the Loft bed.  Not my favorite task but am hopefully improving my skills, and hopefully will start painting soon which I do enjoy though I'm sure by the end of painting all the parts and pieces I'll be happy to be done.
  3. Liam and his classmates celebrated being a 100 days smarter!! Various activities included collecting a 100 of different items and necklaces containing 100 Fruit Loops!!
  4. With Lent starting next week I really appreciated this post by Peanut Butter and Grace and all the wonderful suggestions for getting kids involved.
  5. I've decided to give up reading fiction and so am trying hard to get Winter Garden finished cause it is wonderful!! I also really enjoyed my sister's latest even if it was steamier than my usual.
  6. And I as I return now to my sanding duties I wish you a very good weekend!!
  7. Photos of the week:

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