Thursday, February 2, 2017

Saving my life: Winter 17

Linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy and sharing some of the things saving my life and keeping the 'winter blues' at bay.

  • Reading always and forever amen! Reading blogs and feeling connected, reading deep books and feeling informed and strengthen, reading light books and finding a quiet corner amidst the chaos to feed my spirit. 

  • Playing an app game with my oldest. This is a tougher school year with more homework and tougher assignments and since winter doesn't always allows us the opportunity to run, laugh and play outside I'm cherishing the moments where we strategize together, celebrate silly successes and 'feed the animals'.
  • Laughing; seeking out favorite shows like MASH and As Time Goes By and enjoying an episode or three.
  • Lighting a candle or two in the evening.
  • Weekly visit to a local coffee shop and making a cup of tea as we start homework.
What is saving your life this winter?

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