Friday, January 12, 2018

Quick Takes #252 Happy New Year

Longwood Garden from our December visit.

1. How is everyone? Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We did ~ safely made it to Maine before the worst of the ice storm hit and then got to hunker down cozy warm. The kids actually did great going to Mass twice on Sunday and the liturgies were lovely

2. During our week at my MIL we were able to get in lots of visiting as many of Dr Daddy's extended family were able to stop by for overnight visits. Lots of quality cousin time for the kids ~ and lots of new stuff to play with!

3. We rounded out the week with an Anniversary lunch and shopping trip and our traditional NYE fondue dinner. The year Lisbeth made it to midnight (largely by playing Minecraft with her twin/cousin)!

4. The snowstorm last week meant that the kids only went to school once the first week of January, so this week found us a bit rusty at the whole school routine but the general warming pattern did help.

5. On Monday Caitlin turned 5 and opted for Elana of Avalor decorations plus some Unicorn stuff, bringing Munchkins to school and a unicorn cake at home to mark the occasion!!

6. I owe her a real birthday post soon but as the other excitement of the week for her was parting with her tonsils I'm deferring writing in favor of cuddling her at the moment. Prayers and good thoughts welcome.

7. Have a  good weekend!!

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  1. Fondue dinners are always a hit in our house too! It's perfect for a cold winter's night!
    Thanks for linking up!