Friday, May 25, 2018

Quick Takes #261: Summer Stuff Begins

  1. Happy Friday! Have a full house this morning as the kids have the day off. When did Memorial Day Weekend become a 4 day weekend?
  2. After a week of rain we enjoyed consistent sunny weather this week and I got a chance to cut the grass which is growing almost as well as the weeds. Also growing in our yard are two tomato plants, a basil plant and a strawberry plant.
  3. While I didn't set an alarm I was up early to watch the wedding in Windsor. I thought the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did a wonderful job of planning a ceremony which felt authentic and traditional; blending the best of their different cultures.  
  4. Am so enjoying the return of porch reading season. I recently finished Underfoot in Show Business; Helene Hanff of 84 Charing Cross Rd fame first book.  Currently rereading Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn fame.
  5. For my birthday last week I received a DVD of many Mad about You seasons. Yay! This also reminds me that I'm in search of a good comedy.  There are several dramas we follow; but it has been awhile since there was a comedy that was 'must see' or that I DVR'd. Suggestions?
  6. End of school activities are coming far and furious; and Lisbeth and Liam have both received their study guides for finals ~ so summer is clearly on its way!!
  7. Happy Memorial Day and Remembrance and Thanks to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country!

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  1. We're entering a busy week of school activities too. Definitely feels fast and furious!