Friday, January 11, 2019

7 Quick Takes #273: Caitlin at 6

  1. Happy New Year! Earlier this week Caitlin marked her personal new year and turned 6. We celebrated as a family with a strawberry cheesecake and presents. This weekend she will celebrate with friends at Build.a.Bear (she said for her birthday she either wanted to go on a Disney cruise or go to B.A.B. ~ we went with the Bear).
  2. Caitlin at 6 is reluctantly letting go of toddler things like her tricycle and trying out a bicycle.  She has also asked that we start to take the Winnie-the-Pooh elements out of her room to be replaced by a unicorn sleep tent and pink flower fan.  However Skye and her light-up seahorse are still essential at bedtime.
  3. Favorite shows include Fancy Nancy, Vampirina, Marsha & the Bear, and when watching with Liam, Loud House. Max and Ruby, Elena of Avalor, and Sophia the First still make the cut. 
  4. She is enjoying school; doing well in all her subjects. Building her reading skills with sight words and learning phonetics.  When being read to the Princess in Black, and Ladybug Girl continue to be favorites.
  5. Favorite foods include lasagna, Shepherd's Pie, and pizza. Mostly she like cookies and milk. 
  6. She is really enjoying her gymnastics class (except for the balance beam) and looking forward to swimming again next summer.  Favorites toys include Calico Critters and Kinetic Sand.

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