Monday, May 25, 2020

First Rosary books ~ A Review

  A couple months ago Holy Hero's very graciously send me a set of My First Rosary books and I wanted to very much take time this month (Mary's month) to share what a blessing they have been.

     Really well made with sturdy full-color pages I'm sure that they will hold up well through lots of use.  Intended for my 7 year; in fact my older kids very much enjoy having a turn with them during our family rosary to read the description of the mystery we are praying and they are leading.  The bead illustration also helps with keeping count with the decade being prayed.

 And in one on one time with my 7 year we can read them as if they were bible story books, where she can both learn the events of Jesus and Mary's life and begin to learn which events constitute the different mysteries of the Rosary.  Another great feature for both during our family rosary and when Caitlin explores on her own is that all the prayers of the Rosary are listed in the back of each book.

We were sent a set of the  Little Catholic First Rosary books in return for my honest review and I am so glad to add these resources to the prayer life of my kids.

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