Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pregnant Pause: 26 weeks

Given that I'm within a couple of days of being six months along, and according to some calendars am now in my third trimester I thought it was a good time to pause, reflect and update.

First an aside ~ years ago I was taught the 1st trimester is till 13wks, 2nd include weeks 13-27, and third weeks 27-40 ~ so that is how I count, but you are of course welcome to follow any calendar you would like :-)

Am grateful to still being feeling well, though after several days of intense heat am beginning to grasp what being pregnant through the summer is going to be like. I foresee lots of lemonade, AC and as much water time I can manage. Am usually up once a night but otherwise still sleeping okay though will soon be grabbing the extra pillow to support the growing belly.

At my midwife appointment I enjoyed the lovely experience of my 1 hour glucose test which I profoundly hope I 'pass'; I didn't last time with E. and because I did not have gestational diabetes by the end of the 3 hours test my blood sugar was so low I was feeling really rotten (tip: bring something to eat as soon as the test is over!!). Otherwise everything looked and sounded good, yay!

No definite names yet but short lists for both ~ no strong leaning either, BTW!
And thats the view from 26 weeks


  1. We're both down the the double digits! Yay! Glad to hear things are going well for you!

  2. I flunked the 1-hour fairly resoundingly with The Boy too, but also passed the three-hour (blech). Good luck!!

  3. I am 25 weeks so just a bit behind you. I have to go for my glucose test next week. It always makes me nervous, though in my other four pregnancies, I've never failed. Fun stuff! :-/

  4. I like your plan for dealing with the summer and I hope it goes well!