Monday, June 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: June 22nd

1. If you could trade lives with another blogger for a day, who would it be and why?
Pioneer Woman, so for one day I could be a really good cook and photographer with a cowboy for a husband and ride into a sunset.

2. Do you prefer receiving handmade or store bought gifts? Be honest!
From kids I love handmade, from everyone else (unless its their passion) probably store bought. With an exception for pictures/albums. I love pictures!!

3. Would you rather camp or stay in a hotel?
In the vein of being honest, cabin!! Childhood summer vacations were in a great old cabin with electricity but no water ~ so getting water from a well and using an outhouse.

4. What’s your favorite comfort food?
Savory~French Fries Sweet~ Coffee milkshakes

5. You’re having a really bad day at work. How do you unwind when you come home?
TV and munchies

6. What’s your favorite chore? (Or, the chore you hate the least)
Dusting/pollishing; I don't do it often enough but I love the way my furniture looks when I'm done.

7. What got you interested in blogging?
Reading other peoples blogs.

8. Are you currently reading a book? What is it?
The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet (a Pride and Prejudice spin-off), so far okay but not great.

9. Do you have a favorite artist?
Many but two at the top are Mary Cassett and Andrew Wyeth.

10. Have you ever met someone famous?
I've met leaders in my field but no one famous in a media sense.

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  1. Andrew Wyeth is one of my faves, too!

  2. AH! There is an Andrew Wyeth exhibit in my town going on right now! Went to the opening, Oh My Gosh. Awesome.

  3. Coffee milkshakes sound fantastic!!

  4. I'm so with you on the comfort foods, though I'll admit that for me french fries are really "ketchup holders!" So maybe I'll combine that with the coffee just to pretend that I'm an adult?