Monday, June 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: June 15th

1. What would the title of your autobiography be?
Sage Femme

2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a child say or seen him/her do?
Ever is too hard to say, but currently I find it very funny that E. response when told it is time to do something she does not want is to say "Hmmm, no thanks."

3. What is your favorite kids game to play?
Chutes and Ladders

4. If you got invited to a potluck BBQ tomorrow, what would you bring?
Pasta Salad

5. If your ears are pierced, how old were you when you got your ears pierced?

6. If you were celebrating your 30th anniversary, where would you want to go?
If I have not yet been back then I would want to return to our honeymoon location of Prince Edward's Island.

7. What one blogger would you love to meet and why? And what would you want to plan to do with them?
I would love sometime next year to revisit Houston (to which I have not been back in about seven years) and meet Chelsea (our host) and have our babies who will likely be very close in age meet.

8. On a scale from 1-10, how good at you at home decor? (Pictures welcome.)
7, I'm not super creative but am willing to put the effort into combining style with comfort.

9. Do you have good fingernails?
In general yes, tend to split more easily during pregnancy.

10. Pickles: Dill or sweet? Baby, spears, or chips? Plain or on a burger?
Dill spears on their own

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  1. I used to love Chutes and Ladders. Looking forward to playing all those kids games again!

    (#7 - Flattered!)