Thursday, June 3, 2010

Small Successes: June 3rd

  1. Completed 3 scrapbooking pages which has me 2-3 pages from completing the first year scrapbook!
  2. Found an affordable maternity bathing suit that I mostly like, bring on the pool!!
  3. Got the car to the dealership to address the cars recall notice.
Bonus: While the car was being fixed, chanced walking up to a local cafe and ending up having a delightful breakfast with my favorite toddler!

Giving Thanks this Thursday for:
a little girl who is "so glad to see me"
a hardworking husband coming home early to give me a night out
air conditioning
playground fun
new blog friends
'phone dates' with IRL friends far-away
everyday glimpses of grace, reminders of Our Father's love

Please visit Faith and Family Live and celebrate the small successes in our lives


  1. Yeah on the maternity bathing suit. I've never liked any of mine!

  2. Which bathing suit do you like? I don't need a maternity one quite yet, but I will soon enough!

  3. I need to find a maternity bathing suit as well... I've thought about trying some on at Target, but haven't quite worked up the nerve!