Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ten of my favorite things!!

  1. As frustrating as it sometimes can be, it is fun watching her develop her own sense of style: I had selected another jumper for this photo shoot, she insisted on this one.
  2. Listening to her tell her Daddy how her day went
  3. Her outgoing nature; saying "Hi" and "Have good day!" to people we pass on the street
  4. When she tries to tickle to me.
  5. We are using the monitor again because of the noise of window fans; so I again get to listen to her early morning conversations with her crib mates.
  6. That sweet moment when the wiggles have passed and she snuggles in for one (or two) more stories
  7. Hearing her say as she runs to give me a hug "So glad to see you!"
  8. How very 'cool' she looks in her sunglasses.
  9. Watching her count and smell the flowers on our walks.
  10. Swinging high into a clear blue sky with her sitting happily on my lap.

Remembering to give thanks for the fun of living my life with a growing thriving toddler!!