Thursday, August 5, 2010

Small Successes: August 5th

  1. Weeding, got two big beds weeded and cleared out.
  2. Have gotten all the reading done for a continuing education module I need to do this summer (hoping to get the post-test done this week
  3. Hauled the recycling not pick-up by our town to the local recycling center.
Bonus: Have hopefully lined up a contractor to replace the falling down fence.

So Thankful this Thursday for:
a cool home to escape the heat and humidity in
the blossoming imagination of my little one
continued kicks and squirms from within
a loving A-framing husband
the chance to meet a blog friend in person
the fresh start feeling that follows Reconciliation
Please visit Faith and Family Live to share and celebrate your successes; small and otherwise!


  1. Great job! Our garden & flower beds could really use a big weeding, but it's just been TOO hot for me!

  2. oooh - love your thankful list and your successes. Wonderful job my friend!

  3. Gardening is not my forte, so to see someone else successful at it is incentive to me!!! Great list.

  4. Great job! I totally hate weeding. Feel like doing a few more beds? LOL! Enjoy your weekend!