Monday, September 6, 2010

Pregnant Pause: 39 weeks, tales from the sofa

Quick update: All seems to be well and providing that the NST is reactive (aka reassuring) tomorrow I believe we will be cleared to see if labor starts on its own during the week ~ if not see what a little help brings next week.

I am fine and managing to ride the emotional roller coaster of wondering and worrying about the future well (I think). My favorite toddler offers several opportunities a day to smile and laugh, and the squirms and kicks from within give me hope that all is well if not perfect in his/her watery home. I also appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers from friends and family. After Mass yesterday a priest I like and have worked with for several years blessed C. and me.

So my hope is that the testing all looks fine tomorrow and then my plan is to relax and best I can enjoy this last week of parenting one child on the outside and holding within me another.

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  1. It is odd to know that you may have already given birth by now! I hope that all the tests went well and you are feeling as well as possible!