Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small Successes: September 2nd

  1. Created and uploaded online album of our August vacation pictures so that friends and family can enjoy.
  2. Reorganized and purged the freezer to make room for the frozen blessings sent to us from family.
  3. Am getting better at accepting offers of help and letting someone else chase the toddler.

Giving Thanks this Thursday:
the baby appears healthy enough to stay put till due date (if he/she wants)
the abundance of good thoughts and prayers being offered by friends and family
wonderful hugs and smiles offered by my favorite toddler
the calm and strong reassurance of my husband
yummy food made and shared by friends and family
God's ever present and inexhaustible love and grace.

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  1. "Frozen blessings" -- that's awesome :-D.

    #1 is so much harder than it seems, isn't it? Congrats!!

  2. Great week! I have the hardest time remembering to upload pictures to share.