Thursday, October 14, 2010

Small Successes: October 14th

  1. Many thank you notes sent, with hopefully more going out today
  2. Both kids have Halloween costumes
  3. Gaining mastery with the side-lying position, a great blessing in the early morning hours
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Thankful this Thursday for:
  • Growing baby
  • A happy, talkative toddler
  • Sleep, wherever it shows up
  • Supportive friends
  • A hardworking, loving husband
  • Grace abundant and Love everlasting


  1. I think you might be more productive than I am these days! I still have to get thank you notes written for my daughter's birthday party, and one of my girls is still in need of a Halloween costume. Side-lying is great but make sure you don't have an eye poker baby. Both of my girls liked to try blinding me first thing in the morning once they hit about 5 months old. I used to joke to my husband that I needed safety goggles to nurse them.

  2. I am terrible at writing thank you notes. I am very impressed with anyone who can get them written and mailed in a timely manner!
    You sound very productive and active while pregnant! I am extremely impressed!

  3. Never could do the side thing: epic nursing FAIL, that was. Good for you, getting a handle on it!