Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ten Things about Liam at One Month

1. The yellow tint about his skin is nearly gone

2. During his quiet alert periods he is better and better about making and maintaining eye contact, though much of the time I have no idea what he is looking at so intently

3. So sweet listening to Lisbeth try and comfort him when he is less than thrilled to be in the carseat.

4. A good nursling, it is his preferred way to fall asleep

5. In the category of something I never thought I would be doing: sitting on a couples panel at Pre-Cana while nursing. Luckily he did not mind being under-cover or rather Udder Cover (tm).

6. Hates his bath but seems to enjoy diaper changes ~ which incidently Lisbeth loves helping with and so she pulls her little stool over to the changing station to be of assistance.

7. Has only been peed on me once. Hoping to maintain that once per month ratio

8. Will often cluster feed in the evening which makes getting dinner a bit of a challenge, but does tend to sleep for 3+ hours at a stretch at night.

9. His grins at gas bubbles are a great preview of things to come.

10. Fits just right in our home and heart!


  1. I found you. You are now added to my reader feed. :)

  2. So cute! :) My second hated her bath too, until she could stand up in the bathtub and control her environment more. I love #3! It is so cute to hear your babies comfort each other!