Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick Takes Vol. #67

  1. Thanksgiving: Perfect ~ a little parade, a little football, delicious food shared with family ( of which Lisbeth ate rolls and cranberry sauce) while the new little blessing napped. Bonus: a surprise snow shower lasting maybe 40 minutes to go out and play in!
  2. Baptism: Craziness and chaos of gathering family and friends from many states slows into a wonderful calm as Liam wearing the same gown his father did is welcomed into the church; though having just fallen asleep found the cold water a bit of a rude awakening. Big sister behaved beautifully and the cake afterwards was everything I remembered from previous cakes from this bakery including our wedding, my inlaws anniversary and Lisbeth's baptism.
  3. Advent: Let the journey begin ~ committing and pray for the guidance to prepare my heart and mind as I prepare my home and buy gifts for Christmas and the coming of the Christ child.
  4. Lisbeth: (this really deserves its own post, but I want to get my thoughts down in part) Growing and changing so ~ now truly able to hold conversations with, often at her direction as she explains the imaginary game we are about to play, her hand very nearly fitting into mine allowing us to truly hold hands as we walk around the neighborhood, noticing the absence of baby budge when she dresses.
  5. Though still little with moments of cuddlesome especially right after a nap, and at bedtime.
  6. NFP and discernment: Excellent post this week by Rebecca and Sarah
  7. Weekend: Family Time and beginning Advent observance in earnest
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  1. I can't believe I missed a Raritan Bakery cake! Confound this virus!

    (Oh, and I guess you missed the bit where Big Sister, having already discovered the ON switch for the electronic piano, then figured out how to use the volume slider ...)

  2. Confession: I've been reading your blog in my feedreader and loving that you've been blogging more, but not commented at all. I think that one of my new year's resolutions will be to not allow commenters on my blog to drain all of my energy and make me afraid of saying anything on blogs like yours that I like to comment on!

    It is great that Liam wore your husband's baptismal gown! Unfortunately I doubt that Joshua's family still has his. And I am not about to ask since it wouldn't be fair to expect them to believe that I am "just curious!"

    And I LOVE the stage where kids are first really conversant.

  3. i found the 2 blogs about nfp really interesting, joy - as a protestant who feels lonesome in her views on birth control... it's strange to hear that it's argued about in catholic circles while in our churches - nobody ever talks about it at all.
    i'll be honest tho - i find myself a little saddened to hear that there's no desire for children... & probably i'm just missing something, but to me - a desire for fruitfulness from intimacy seems like a natural thing that most (can i just say 'believers' - catholic or protestant) - don't have anymore...
    it's something i'd love to better understand.