Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wondering Wednesday:Advent Music

First a confession: I love Christmas Carols and music far too much to only listen from Christmas to Epiphany; I listen throughout Advent.

However also enjoy listening and giving majority listening rights to Advent music this time of year ~ so I was wondering ~ what are some of your favorites??

Personally: Cherry Tree Carol; traditional though sometimes attributed to Peter, Paul & Mary
Advent Suite, & The Final Word; Michael Card
and a great CD by Marty Haugen "We Come Dancing"

Your turn....
My thanks again to Maggie of From the Heart for inspiring the wondering.

(sidenote: New Years resolution ~ will learn how to load videos on blog)


  1. I love "Lo How A Rose" and also Handel's Messiah.

  2. We are on the same page re: listening to Christmas music throughout Advent. I've always been partial to Marty Haugen's "Night of Silence" album. I'm also a big fan of "Breath of Heaven."

  3. I also like the "We Come Dancing" album. Very fond of Kathy Mattea's "Christ Child's Lullaby," and also the more traditional Hebridean version of it, esp. as done by a duo called "Mignarda." We just did a nifty tune last Sunday, called "Waiting in Silence" -- a take on the O Antiphons. Speaking of which, the O Antiphons. =)

    And Handel. And the Bach Magnificat. And the Rutter Magnificat, which we just did with my chorus.

    And anything we did for Lessons and Carols in college: Lo, How a Rose...The Morning Star...Christ in the Stranger's Guise.

    Far too many to list, actually. =)

  4. That anonymous up there is me, Krizzzz. Not sure why I'm not showing up as me. Speaking of which...Marian? Is that you? =)

  5. Yep, Krizzzz, 'tis I. How'd you guess, the 4 a's? (Wonder where I got that from... =)

  6. Aack, people I know are reading my blog (turn pink)!

    Thanks for commenting ~ Happy Advent and Merry Christmas!!