Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Honeymoon Memories

Betty Beguiles is collecting honeymoon stories ~ and here's mine:

    We married at the end of December, and my future husband not fond of tropical heat pushed for us to go somewhere 'wintery' ~ I agreed with two caveats that when we came in from the cold it would be to a fireplace and hot tub.  After working on finding a place for awhile he came back to say that it was going to have to be an either/or choice ~ I chose the fireplace knowing we would enjoy that more.

      And so on January 1st having visited my father and his grandmother (both unable to attend the wedding due to health issues) and spending New Year's Eve with his family we headed out to drive across Maine and New Brunswick to our ultimate destination: Prince Edward's Island

     My new husband had actually done a wonderful job choosing our lodgings; it was a charming older hotel at the edge of Charlottetown (the capital) which allowed us easy walking to the shops and eateries of the old part of town and easy access to get out of town by car and explore the rest of the island.  Unfortunately nine years ago most of the more touristy places closed in the winter so we were unable to visit the home of L.M Montgomery now a museum celebrating her and her most famous character Anne of Green Gable but we were able to go to Cavendish beach and walk some of the dunes whose descriptions I had read and re-read so often since discovering the series at 12.

      On the one or two more snowy days we stayed in town walking, window shopping, and enjoying yummy seafood ~ as it should be ~ to date the BEST PEI mussels I have ever had was on PEI!!
Over all it was a wonderful 5 days together exploring and/or doing nothing.  BTW the fireplace turned out to be more comedy than romance: it being the fakest looking gas fireplace we had (or have) ever seen!!



  1. Love the pictures! I love the Anne Shirley series, and actually just read Anne of Green Gables again for the first time in years. It doesn't get old!

  2. Looks beautiful! What a wonderful choice!

  3. Funny about the fireplace :) Love that last picture!

  4. I am SO Jealous! hahaha. I love Anne-girl. I'd love to go to PEI someday. What a great choice by your dh. The photos are lovely too.