Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick Takes #94

--- 1 ---

Blogger meet-up tonight!! Rebecca of The Road Home is in my neck of the woods attending a conference and I get to have dinner with her tonight!!

--- 2 ---

I think we have made the move totally to table food with Liam, I offered purred stuff twice this week (trying to finish it up) and he would take two bites at best. Current faves include: eggs, noodles, cucumbers and of course frites

--- 3 ---

I tried a 'roasted' chicken recipe this week in the crock pot, and it worked well. I see fried rice and quesadillas in our future!!

--- 4 ---

CD1 ~ I can't truthfully say I missed you, but you do make charting easier!

--- 5 ---

The saving grace of Liam still being up once a night to eat was that he never stayed up, he would just eat and go back to sleep . Until this week, yes I know he is teething and getting over a cold ~ but man am I draggin

--- 6 ---

Am hoping for some good weather this weekend to get some plants and bulbs in the ground, challenge being remembering back to last spring and where l felt fresh bulbs were in order.

--- 7 ---

Weekend plans also include a trip to a local orchard for a hayride and some apple picking! What does your weekend hold?

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, and I'm totally jealous of both you and Rebecca getting to hang out! :)