Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Take 96: Week in Review

1. Halloween was a fun and festive time, both monkeys went trick-or-treating with the older delivering her lines beautifully and at about half the houses remembering without prompting to say thank you, and the younger tolerating not only wearing a costume but being strolled around the neighborhood wearing it.

2. Don't even want to discuss snow in October other than to hope all those still without power ~ have it restored very soon.  Joking aside, the half inch we got simply proved fun for the 3 yo, bemusing for the 1 yo, and useful reminder to their mom that snow boots needed to be ordered.

3.  We enjoyed lovely weather more representing Autumn the rest of the week and so on a couple afternoons indulged in the highly traditional activity of raking the falling leaves into a large pile and than jumping into said pile before relocating into leaf bags.

4. After her time in front of the camera, Lisbeth insisted on some time behind the camera ~ fair enough, fair enough.  

5. As you can maybe tell from the above picture; so far so'kay with the No Pony Challenge hosted by That Married Couple.  Four days in and so far I have not gotten really creative yet but am excited to try out some styling and check out some of the many ideas offered in this post.

6. Given the general craziness of early morning and that she had attended Mass the day before for All Saints I opted not to go with C. when he went before work on All Souls ~ right decision, but I'm glad he was able to go and look forward to a time when attending a daily mass won't be quite so challenging.

7. Was not able to attend my 20th high school reunion, but through the FB page organizing that a former friend is now a priest ~ so 'friended' on FB and am now enjoying his pictures from the Holy Land.  Sometime life is so random and so fun.

Have a good weekend and please head over to Conversion Diary to enjoy other Quick Takes


  1. Jumping in raked leaves is one of my favorite memories growing up :).

    I can just see Lisbeth taking that picture, love it :).

  2. I think that you need to keep letting Lisbeth work on her photography skills, not just so that they can improve, but so that we can see more pictures of you. ;-)

    And finding that a former friend is a priest must be such fun!