Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of Two Minds

   This month I'm returning to the workplace for the first time since Liam was born and to say I am of divided mind would be a definite understatement:

   One part of me, the professional part, is so excited about this wonderful opportunity to return to teaching, I truly enjoy it ~ sharing my experience and knowledge base, spending time with nurses as they begin their careers, and luckily I have been told that I have a talent for it.  This job is also a nice career jump as it has me going from teaching for a hospital school to being adjunct clinical faculty at a university.

   Another part, the personal part, happy to focus wholly on my vocation as wife and mother somewhat resents having to return to work.  It is very apparent that my charism is caring and so perhaps that is why directing that energy and skill set towards my family and friends I have not much missed being in the workplace.  Part of that frustration is the fact that the job requires weekend time, key family time given my husband's hours.  This of course means less time the kids will be with a sitter, but I'm sure going to miss our Sunday morning Dunkin tradition this semester.  The rest of the frustration lies in how glad some friends and family are now that I will again, as one said, "be using my brain".  Ha, believe me ~ keeping up with growing, dynamic, curious children I've been using my brain plenty!!

Reality: The medical & healthcare field changes at a pace which would not allow me to leave for 5-7 years and return without in some way maintaining my skills ~ and this job is most likely a wonderful opportunity to keep a foothold for the future in my profession.

But I'm of two minds.


  1. I understand. I've been in that situation all of my mothering years. I must say, though, that acceptance makes quite a bit of difference in the difficulty.

  2. What a beautiful post... I'm often of two minds about things too... It's uncomfortable, and I wish it were always an easy obvious choice, but sometimes it's just a day by day thing, clinging and praying for grace :)

  3. So many things that seem to be like that; really good things that have a downside as well. I hope you really enjoy it!

  4. Just blogged about this same question today. Sorting through our various vocations can be such a challenge, can't it? No easy answers. Two minds indeed.