Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Takes #132

  1. Happy May! (how is that for quick)
  2. Netherlands has a new king which would already be newsworthy made even more so as it is the first reigning king since 1890, who was followed by the present king's great-grandmother, grandmother and mother.  King Willem-Alexander has 3 daughters!
  3. Caitlin is rolling, mostly by accident still but with increase frequency and purpose ~ which means the times of leaving her laying on the couch or changing table are coming to an end.
  4. I will be 40 this birthday and interestingly Anne Voscamp of Holy Experience posted the 40 things one needs to know before you're 40.  I find I need to take in her writing a little at a time, so perhaps these are some of the ideas I will ponder in my 40th year.
  5. The end of year performance for our nursery school was this week; it is always interesting to watch and see who is shyly singing and dancing or even just standing still, and who like Lisbeth; sings, dances and waving shouts "MOM" while waiting for the music to start.
  6. I've been meaning to write a post about Dr. Gosnell, the trial, and most of the media largely ignoring it all; but I still can't put it coherently in words ~ my heart aches so much for all the women and babies harmed or killed and given that it happened at the edge of the campus where I went to college, within view of the church I attended I feel guilt even though I honestly never heard of him or the clinic until the raid and his arrest.  So I will start with a small but vital point, the defense keep saying he should be excused for all of the violations because he was providing a vital service for low cost. WRONG, that excuses old beat-up chairs in your waiting room, no art on the wall and very long wait times, it does not absolve one from not sterilizing instruments and  using untrained and unlicensed staff.  If you say you provide a service you are obligated to provide it safely and correctly!
  7. A picture for sitting my ranting in #6. Guess who is Bumbo big?

    Have a good weekend, and please visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


  1. I can't read stuff about the Gosnell trial. It is just way too horrible.

    She is getting so big! Wasn't she just born like yesterday? ;-)

  2. I love Ann Voskamp. I have not read that post yet, but need to check it out.

    Your baby is getting so big!

  3. I can't look at much about the Gosnell trial. But I think that it's astounding that none of these things are remotely acceptable in any type of healthcare setting. I can't imagine a lawyer trying that sort of cracked defense with any other medical services provided. It wouldn't ever be acceptable.

    I can't believe how quickly Caitlin is growing!

  4. We are in trouble with our rolling too - I'm trying to figure out what to do about it because they roll off the rug onto the hardwood floors and get upset about their bonked heads! We lived in carpeted houses with the first two so this is new territory!

  5. I'm watching the special about Gosnell on Fox right now - I can't just sit and watch it and give it my full attention, I can't take it. Lord, have mercy.

    Happy early birthday!!!

    Caitlin is adorable!!!

  6. I love the image of your daughter at the performance! It is always a surprise to me what my children act like in those situations.

  7. Doesn't it really change things once they start rolling? No more stationary baby!
    I had the same thought about the Gosnell trial. There are so many wrong-doing levels to the whole thing, but (like you said) blatantly ignoring and abusing the dignity of others should not be excused.