Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why I Love My Husband Vol 8

     Back from a wonderful, exhausting and crazy weekend where we packed as much family time and memory lane visiting as we could given sold-out hotels, rainstorms and 3 small children ~ and the requirement that it begin after a workday (shorten) on Friday and end in time for Mass back in PA on Sunday evening.  Some of the ways my guy made it all work:

  1. He insisted that we take time for cards & presents before we left because he didn't want my actual birthday to get lost in the packing/getting on the road craziness ~ and he thought (correctly) that I might want to take one of my presents, a book I wanted, with us.
  2. In addition to wanting to attend the graduation of a young cousin the other reason for the trip was to mark a milestone birthday.  When I was twenty my mom and I journeyed back to Rhode Island where she married and I was born; and in the waters off Point Judith is also where we released my dad's ashes.  The graduation celebrations were wonderful but more time consuming than either of us had anticipated but Charlie would not let me back out of going to a Galilee Beach or Point Judith.  We first opted for the lighthouse because it was already growing dark but when we learned that it won't be lit due to repairs, to the beach we went ~ so glad, so grateful.
  3. He suggested we find a morning Mass by our hotel so I could attend in relative peace ( I had Caitlin who is generally low-key) since he wouldn't be able to help me much at our home parish given his music commitment this week ~ and while I was at Mass he made good on our beach promise to Lisbeth who had been asleep the night before when we finally made it to the beach.
  4. Did the majority of the driving on Sunday in the oh-so-fun stop & go traffic getting home.

Looking to make the trip better.