Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes #146

1. Happy November! Blessed All Saints!! We had a good October but since it included some call time and a paper to submit for Dr Daddy and so a good bit of solo parenting with the added twist of kids in different schools and a semi-mobile baby who likes to find paper of all kind to put in her mouth it did feel like a race to the finish.

2. Didn't manage to post everyday but am happy with my count of 27 and am very grateful to The Nester for hosting and Dara of Not in Jersey for her writing prompt series.

3. Halloween happened and fun was had by all both at School and around the neighborhood.

Fire Chief Liam
Princess Lisbeth
 5. Caitlin dressed in the same costume we used for Lisbeth for her first Halloween did accompany the Trick or Treaters and even got a taste of chocolate to round out the evening.
Pumpkin Caitlin 
6. RED SOX! World Champions! Winning at home for the first time since 1918, Boston Strong!!
7. During the past week this showed up in my mailbox and this on my Kindle; will be reading as much as life and little people allow this weekend.

My thanks to Jen of Conversion Diary for hosting!


  1. Oh! Your pumpkin is so cute! I have serious baby envy!

  2. Both books look interesting...I think I'll be reading the third in the Giver Series this weekend since Sarah's class is getting ready to read it in her LIterature class. :)

  3. Is Caitlin clapping in that picture? So sweet!

  4. I love cute kids in cute Halloween costumes! I also loved Pope Awesome, so I hope you got a chance for some good reading this weekend, especially after your long October.