Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes #147

Tough week on several fronts but here are 7 things that made me smile recently

  1. Looking up from locking up the house and helping Lisbeth put her helmet on to find Liam pedaling his tricycle down the block ALL BY HIMSELF!
  2. Christmas cards are ordered!!
  3. Lisbeth swallowed the most recent 'loose tooth', the Tooth Fairy came anyway.  I have been asked to not pack granola bars in her lunch when she has a very loose tooth.
  4. Can't imagine what he will be eating as a teenager as Liam is already eating leftover pizza COLD.
  5. Liam's new favorite show is Transformer Rescue Bots, and his favorite character is of course Heat Wave the fire truck.  And I am now supposed to, when prompted, give the action call.  So washing the dishes, or feeding Caitlin I may be called upon to call "Rescue Bots Roll to the Rescue!"
  6. So I was raking leaves and Liam was jumping in leaves and then Lisbeth came out and requested that I make a pile at the bottom of their slide: Genuis!! And much fun was had by all.
  7. Picture for the week:

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  1. My son loves Rescue Bots and his favorite is Heat Wave, too! :) Hope this week is a better week for you!:)

  2. I am very excited to get our Christmas cards too! Shutterfly sent our message that they had shipped Wednesday!!

  3. I love the leaves at the bottom of the slide idea! The minds of children think amazing things!