Wednesday, August 6, 2014

5 faves: kids special

  1. Fubbles bubble wand: amazingly big bubbles and a wand both big kids can manage. I love watching Lisbeth  run, giant bubbles streaming behind. The 1$ price doesn't hurt either.
  2. We had read a couple of the series before but this summer Fancy Nancy and her many adventures became a regular at bedtime story time. Sweet stories well told and a wonderful way to introduce new vocabulary in a fun and accessable way.
  3. Caitlin ever trying to be like her big sister and brother has started to bring me the iPad and open the youtube app and say 'abc' meaning:
  4. or 'four'

5. Favorite new snack; Go go Squeez ~ something I had seen before and I believe even offered Lisbeth but...this summer was the right moment, right time etc and has been such a hit that she and her far less picky brother will now eat applesauce even when it does not come out of a tiny pouch.

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  1. Those two Sesame St. videos have gotten a good amount of play at our house, too. And good to know about the Fancy Nancy books- I've seem them often at bookstores and always wondered how they were!