Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So much to write ~ no time to write

Please pardon the brain dump which I'm sure will read like a rambling mess but a large pocket of kid- free ~ put thoughts in order and then edit time will not likely show up anytime soon so....

  • Project ignore the remaining boxes and focus on daily life went well and after the break I'm now again motivated to get thru the boxes and get them out of the living spaces.
  • Playground camp has ended but overall went very well with the kids enjoying the trips and time playing with friends ~ and me enjoying the time to run errands or unpack with only one little in tow.
  • Caitlin continues to change daily more and more into a toddler with improving language, insistence on performing tasks herself and more of a temper to prove it.  This is all very bittersweet for me; so cute and so much fun to watch and yet losing any aspect of babyhood a bit quicker than I expected.
  • Managed to get the two older kids enrolled in swimming lessons and after some initial complaints and tears they are both doing really well and making wonderful improvement.
  • So I am very curious to see how they do swimming spontaneous in G-ma's pool on vacation
  • Vacation ~ so excited ~ so much to do before we leave plus we are bringing furniture back so I'm trying best I can to have the spaces reasonably clear.
  • Vacation!!!  Time to read, relax, and play ~ yes!
 (some pictures from last year's trip)


  1. I still think that picture of L is SO fantastic with the reflection and all. Have a wonderful time on vacation!

  2. Have a great vacation, Joy!