Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why I Love My Husband Vol 9

Started by Kaitlin of More like Mary; More like Me ~ another edition of seeing the blessings amidst the crazy.

  1. Every time he makes bacon on the weekend for breakfast he cooks a little extra so I can have BLTs during the week; my favorite summertime sandwich.
  2. While away on vacation Shutterfly was having one of their great sales on prints. I mentioned that I was bummed to be away from our home computer and iPhoto library. He worked his mad computer skills and got me remote access so that I could take advantage of the sale.
  3. Also while on vacation when the seafood place we went to for lunch turned-out to not have good lobster rolls; he upped the ante by treating me to a lobster tail.
Always with the helping hand

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  1. These make me smile. Also, holy goodness is that Cailtlin? Wow she's getting big.